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Welcome to Appleton Thorn Pre-School

Our Pre-School started nearly 40 years ago as a local play group and as the demand has increased, we changed to a charity run Pre-School, registered with OFSTED since 1989.
We are registered to take up to 24 children from 2 years old to school age.

During term time the Pre-school is opening from 9 a.m to 3 p.m Monday to Friday with children being able to attend in the morning, afternoon or for the full day. Also from 3 years old, the children are able to attend the link club at Appleton Thorn Primary school which runs from 7.45a.m before and until 6 p.m after Pre-school opening times to fully support your childcare needs. The Pre-school also has strong links to local holidays clubs.

"Children are confident, happy and they behave very well."

Ofsted Inspection Report, January 2017

  • Counting Fun
  • Painting
  • Playhouse
  • Writing
  • Dolls House
  • Maths Table
  • Play Mat
  • Role Lay
  • Sand Play
  • Shells
  • Maths Corner
  • Dolls House
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    We understand that starting Pre-School is a very important milestone in your child’s and family's life. To ensure a positive start, we believe that you and your child will need the support and encouragement that our Pre-School can provide.

    For your child, this could be the first time that they have been in a group or the first time they have been apart from you on a regular basis. Some children adapt to this very quickly, whilst others take a little longer. Either situation is perfectly normal. We realise that you are entrusting us with the care of your child and we place your child’s safety, welfare and development at the top of our priorities. We offer a secure, happy and stimulating environment where independence, self-confidence, consideration for others and good manners are encouraged.

    Your child will be allocated a key person who will liaise with you to ensure a smooth transition into Pre-school. They will closely monitor your child's progress throughout their time at Pre-school and feedback to you regularly. We operate an 'open-door' policy and we welcome input from our parents during regular meetings.

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    We are proud of the family spirit and relationships that exist at Appleton Thorn Pre-School and have very strong community connections with Appleton Thorn Primary School, St Cross Church, Bawming Committee and Appleton Thorn Village Hall.

    We hold our Tuesday morning session at Appleton Thorn Primary School, where the children have a gym session as well as other activities. We are invited to take part each term in the themed morning with Reception class, when our children take part in a range of activities learning about different parts of the world. We also attend the Infants' Nativity play. The links with the Primary School offer a huge advantage for the children who will go on to attend Appleton Thorn Primary school, an Ofsted rating outstanding school, helping to create a smooth transition from Pre-School to Reception Class. We are also happy to support transitions to other local schools, and welcome visits from their teachers.

    We also hold our own annual events such as our Sports Day and Nativity Play that parents are encouraged to come and watch. A few times a year we will also take the children on a local trip, for example to Stockley Farm or to Fairy Forest.

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    We attend fortnightly ‘Praise and Play’ craft sessions at the neighbouring St Cross Church, and hold our Nativity play here.

    Each year the Pre-School takes part in Bawming the Thorn, Pre-School children take part in the parade and we also run the cake stall.

    Appleton Thorn Village Hall is also a charity and we help and support them as much as possible.

    We recently changed our charity status to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Our first OFSTED inspection under our new OFSTED and charity numbers took place in January 2017 and gave us a rating of 'good'. Download the full report here.

    Ofsted Comments

    "Children are confident, happy and they behave very well."

    "Staff have a good understanding of how children learn and they know children very well. They provide a broad range of activities and experiences, which supports children to make good progress across all areas of learning."

    "There are strong links with the local community."

    "Staff organise the environment particularly well to help children to be as independent as possible in leading their own play and learning."

    Ofsted Inspection Report, January 2017

    Opening Times

    Mon 9AM - 12PM 12PM - 3PM
    Tues 9AM - 12PM 12PM - 3PM
    Wed 9AM - 12PM 12PM - 3PM
    Thurs 9AM - 12PM 12PM - 3PM
    Friday 9AM - 12PM 12PM - 3PM

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