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  • What is Pre-school?

    Appleton Thorn Pre-School is a fun and friendly environment where your child can prepare for school.

  • How is Pre-school different to nursery?

    Appleton Thorn Pre-School is a small setting with low numbers and high staffing ratios, this allows us to develop a good relationship with the whole family not just your child and gives a feeling of a ‘home from home’.  As we only have children aged 2-5 years old we are able to concentrate specifically on this area to provide age appropriate resources and activities.

  • Does my child need to wear a uniform?

    We do have a uniform that children can wear to protect their own clothes but it is not compulsory for children to wear it. This can be ordered either before or when your child starts at the setting.

  • Are you able to be flexible with hours?

    Although we have set times of 9-12 and 12-3, we aim to be as flexible as possible to adapt to each individual family’s needs. We can discuss this with the family to accommodate their specific needs.

Fees & Funding

  • How much does Pre-school cost?

    2 yr olds are £4.70 per hour and 3 and 4 yr olds are £4.50 per hour.  There is also an additional cost of 50p per morning session for a snack.

  • Do you allow 2-year funding? If so, how can we claim this?

    We accept 2 year funding for eligible children.
    Parents will receive a letter from their local council informing them of their eligibility and giving them a code. Parents provide us with the code and complete a parent declaration form, we then pass this information onto the council and the funding is released.

  • What do we have to do to claim our funding from 3 years onwards?

    We will provide you with an Early Education Funding (EEF) form for you to complete and then we will pass this information on to claim your child’s funding.

  • Does funding start on their 3rd birthday?

    Funding for children begins the term after their 3rd Birthday, this is for eligible 2 year olds as well as 3 Year olds.


  • What type of snacks do you provide?

    We provide a variety of healthy nutritious snacks, we aim to cater for all children. If your child has any allergies or specific dislikes then we will happily accommodate them.

  • Does my child have to move now?

    You can start your child at Pre-School at any point during the term, however if your child is already claiming their funding at another setting you will need to wait until the following term as transferring funding during term is not permitted.

  • What do I need to do to make sure my child has the best start to school?

    We will provide your child with the necessary resources to allow them to develop their learning and knowledge to the best of their ability making them school ready.

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